New site yooooooooooooo!

So, It was due time for a new branding/site design and it's actually something I've been working on for quite some time trying to figure out the best way to present my work and this is what I've decided is just that.

This new layout and CMS is managed through Squarespace and is amazingly easy to edit both layout and content which is just what I needed as an alternative to my old (much less update friendly) CSS based design I wrote/designed around 4 years ago and have been using as the basis ever since.  Squarespace is the shit, period!

This will equal out to more frequent updates to my photography and whatever else I feel like throwing up on this shit.  Hopefully more appealing to the viewer and a deeper insight so my OH SO EXCITING life outside of the OH SO NOT AS EXCITING world of VFX!

All my social media will be linked up here including links to my Tumblr blog which has lots of music/art related stuffs going on and my Twitter which is a lot of music stuff too.  Maybe even include a link to my Bandcamp page as well where most of my listening/purchasing habits are logged.  Music becomes a more and more influential part of my life on about a daily basis so I think it's time to start including that somewhere tied to my professional life too as I hope to meld the two as one eventually.  So that's that!  Enjoy this shit!