The Congress

I shot a band...

They're called Lake Street Dive, and you should check them out.  You can listen to and purchase their entire new album "Bad Self-Portraits" on Bandcamp here!

These photos are from 3 weeks ago when I saw them at The Troubadour here in Los Angeles as well as some photos from the opener, The Congress, who ended up completely blowing my mind.  These guys have some serious jazz influenced soul, and the lead singer was super stoked on the acceptance from the crowd.  After the show he was outside talking about how everything he though "Hollywood" would be, was that and plus some!  Haha.  True southern gentlemen.

So that's that.  Hope these capture a little feel of the show, my battery died like 2 songs into Lake Street Dive so I didn't get to shoot much.  Still loving my X-E2, which these were shot on!

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