Street Photography

Last Days of Summer - 10 on 10 - September 2014

Every month I sort of have a theme, whether it be subject matter, gear, editing method, etc., etc....  This month I shot everything on my iPhone 5S.

And it proved (and kinda, sorta, not really disproved) what I say all the time, iPhone photos look great on portable devices but very rarely do they hold up on an actual high resolution computer monitor.  The sensor noise is hideous and overall they pretty much look like crap, that's my evaluation!  Enjoy these crappy photos ;)

On a plus side, Squarespace finally fixed their 'grid' gallery layout to auto-crop based on an aspect selection and resize the thumbs to stretch the width of the page all automatically when formatting.  Good for them!  No longer will my grid layouts be all wonky and uneven.

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