Oh, hey! 10 on 10 - April 2014

I'll keep it short and sweet this month since I'm sure none of you actually read that ridiculously long post last month.

This month's theme in really just one day in my life from start to finish.  I don't have any routines so this changes pretty much everyday.

Also the other thing was that I edited on these with the new(ish) VSCO Film 4 & 5 presets as a basis and then went from there.  Although I don't usually use these, it was a fun little experiment and I was surprisingly happy with the results.  They integrated some of my favorite films into these two new packs and It's also kinda fun to match film brands to the type of camera you're shooting.  So many of these are Fuji film presents for my X-E2.  Also using the ones with camera profiles really has this down to a science.  VSCO film is pretty cool but with that said, I think it's a little over used in the photography world as well.

On to the photos!  Click on thumbs to view larger and uncropped.  Squarespace's "gallery" management is kinda whack.  I wish it had a version that worked nice and smooth autocropping/aligning like Tumblr's photo gallery manager does.  Whatever I suppose.

Until next time and please take a minute to peep the other April 10 on 10'ers below:

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I shot a band...

They're called Lake Street Dive, and you should check them out.  You can listen to and purchase their entire new album "Bad Self-Portraits" on Bandcamp here!

These photos are from 3 weeks ago when I saw them at The Troubadour here in Los Angeles as well as some photos from the opener, The Congress, who ended up completely blowing my mind.  These guys have some serious jazz influenced soul, and the lead singer was super stoked on the acceptance from the crowd.  After the show he was outside talking about how everything he though "Hollywood" would be, was that and plus some!  Haha.  True southern gentlemen.

So that's that.  Hope these capture a little feel of the show, my battery died like 2 songs into Lake Street Dive so I didn't get to shoot much.  Still loving my X-E2, which these were shot on!

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