Desert Daze - 10 on 10 - January 2016

Although the first 10 on 10 of 2016, it is still sorta holding onto 2015.  Happy to start a new year and happy to have wrapped up the last one with some of my favorite people by spending New Year's out in Joshua Tree, indulging in way too much food and booze... Mostly the latter.

Got a new person on board starting the new year, check out all my fellow 10 on 10'ers below.

Anya Elise Photography

Amy Straka Photography

Button Media 

Casey Brodley 

Courtney Z Photography

Lelia Marie Photography

Lisa Hibbert

Pogo Photo

Satin Sky Photo

Shaw Photography

Twinty Photography

Bit of a lazy effort on my part this month but hey, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to photography almost all the time.