On The Farm - 10 on 10 - September 2015

By the time you get through all these other photographer's links, you probably won't even look at my post.

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This post is basically a tribute to my high school years.  This is what we did (and apparently still do, at least when I'm back in KS).  We're farm kids and we do farm kid shit like get drunk on Budweiser, work on classic cars, rip shit up on motorcycles (usually while we're drunk), and harvest fresh vegetables out of the 2 acre garden at 3 in the morning.  You know, just typical farm kid shit in a place where quite frankly, there is nothing else to do.

Over the last year I have shifted my focus in photography more towards people and documenting things, something I wish I had started learning to do a long time ago.  When I think of periods of my life that weren't documented, it really kinda bums me out a little bit.  I believe this series of photos is a perfect representation of what I enjoy the most in photography right here and now, capturing the things that are happening in those fleeting moments.

These photos are presented raw, uncropped just the way they were shot when I was all drunk behind the lens, all with the same edit preset from VSCO 05 - Fuji - Agfa Vista 100 +++ that I really thought captured their mood accurately.

This is LIFE in Kansas on the farm, in the shop, in the country, and in the lives of the few good friends I still have there.  Sorry, I couldn't cut it down to 10, I did my best.  There were actually 20 that I really wanted to post but these are them.