Family Ties - 10(+1) on 10 - August 2015

I'll keep this one short and sweet this month but before that, here on my other compadres that post photos like me for this here little photo group.  We have some new members too, so the list is getting longer but don't fret, it's totally worth it.

Anne Almasy

Anya Elise Photography

Courtney Z Photography

Lisa Hibbert

Pogo Photo

Shaw Photography

Twinty Photography

Onto my photos.  As many of you have noticed, I never post photos of family, babies, gushy stuff like the rest of the group does but this month I finally have my opportunity to do just that.  This past weekend, I have been back in my hometown of Colby, KS to celebrate all of my nieces and nephews birthdays and even had the opportunity to meet a couple of the new ones for the very first time.

The family as a whole hadn't been all together like this is more than 10 years.


Kinley, the newest (and chubbiest) addition to the family.

Catch ya on the flip.