Tour Life - 10 on 10 - February 2015

Running a bit behind today, yesterday, tomorrow, pretty much in life as I have as close to an overwhelming amount of tasks on my plate as I can possibly get.

I went on tour with my good buddy Luke Redfield and his band last month to continue shooting a documentary that I casually started shooting a few years ago.  It was over 6000 miles and 15 shows through the Midwest including these cities:  Minneapolis, MN - Chicago, IL - Rock Island, IL - Des Moines, IA - Lincoln, NE - Boulder, CO - Denver, CO - Taos, NM - Amarillo, TX - Alpine, TX - Marfa, TX - Austin, TX - Denton, TX - Kansas City, MO - Des Moines, IA and finally back to Minneapolis.  It was crazy, this was one of the days in and between Lincoln and Des Moines.

I also officially launched my new Production Company/Arts Collective last month as well, it's called TAR+FEATHER and my partners and I are so proud to have finally come to this milestone.  So many great things ahead this year and in the future.  Needless to say, it is another endeavor that makes me thoroughly believe that 24 hours in a day is not enough.

These are straight off my Fuji un-edited as I have had zero time to put focus on my 10on10 this month, sadly.

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Appreciate you taking the time to check out my 10 on 10 even in my lack of effort or attention to it.  Hopefully next month I'll be back on my game.  I have a special 10 on 10 planned one of these months and can't wait to share it whenever that time comes.