Kinda Cheating - 10 on 10 - August 2014

So, I'm on the road for 3 weeks with very limited access to computer, internet, etc...

With that said, I'm cheating this month and these photos are actually from Saturday and Sunday at Pickathon Music Festival this past weekend on Pendarvis Farm outside of Portland, OR.  Actually, depending on a persons drug/alcohol intake on the weekend, some may have felt this was actually one day.

I shot all these on my trusty X-E2 coupled with the lovely 35mm f/1.4 prime, sent them to my iPhone from the camera, and then did one-off edits using Snapseed on my iPhone.  These never touched a computer, which makes it a bit difficult for someone as myself who is hyper-critical about what I'm posting for these.  Anyways...

It's the best music festival in the country in my opinion, very small, intimate stage settings, and completely sustainable (the first of it's kind in the U.S.)  Not to mention the AMAZING lineup that they bring year after year.  Here are some selects of the things I enjoyed the most.

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Shakey Graves @ The Woods Stage

Those Darlins @ The Galaxy Barn

The Men @ The Galaxy Barn

Courtney Barnett @ The Galaxy Barn

The War on Drugs @ The Galaxy Barn

Foxygen @ Mountain View Stage

Love As Laughter @ The Galaxy Barn

Willie Watson @ The Starlight Stage

Marco Benevento @ The Galaxy Barn

Mac Demarco @ The Starlight Stage

Thanks for looking and apologies in advance for bending the rules a bit.  Next month I'll be back on my game.