Joseph Arthur @ The Troubadour - 6/10/2014

The recordings of Joseph Arthur are truly heartfelt in the way they are performed. Soft and calm but filled with lots of emotion which lends to the powerful songwriting to really shine through to the listener. 

Live, on the other hand. These songs come at you full force with wailing guitar solos, flailing body parts, and lots of sweat.  One is no better than the other, in fact, I kind of like it this way.

The intensity that comes with Joseph Arthur in the live setting will put goosebumps up your spine.  It’s an awesome feeling.

Throw in the fact that he did a live painting in between the encore and painted the body parts of his bandmates and well, ladies and gentlemen, you have one hell of a fucking show.  One of the best of the year for me out of 40+ so far in 2014.  This show was a very nice balance of his originals as well as supporting his newly released Lou Reed tribute album “Lou”.  All in all, what an engaging experience.

Buy his music HERE.