Oh, Shit - 10 on 10 - June 2014

This month is pretty exciting, as I just got back from an amazing 15 day, 3000+ mile journey up to the Pacific Northwest backcountry.   Being the third time I've ventured this way, I had my bearings a little more than I have in the past and more capable and efficient when navigating around.  I already had a few places in mind that I wanted to shoot and further explore so it made it a little easier to get the photos I was after.

Although this is only a fraction of the shots I'm super stoked on from this trip, I'm highlighting a single day within Olympic National Park (wiki), probably the most geographically diverse national park condensed to such a small area that we have here in the United States.  You can go from peaks in the Olympic range and glaciers like Hurricane Ridge as high as 7,788 feet which maintain up to 20 feet of snow even through the summer months, to the amazing rocky cliffs and beaches of Ruby or Rialto Beach, to breathtaking waterfall trails, to one of the wettest places in the continental United States in the temperate rainforests known as Hoh and Quinault getting up to 150 inches of rain per year.  All in a SINGLE DAY!  It really is mind boggling and if you ever get the opportunity to visit the Olympic Peninsula, you should really take advantage.

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Just to put it into perspective, there are photographers who have lived and mountaineered here their entire lives and still only covered a fraction of the park's 922,650 acres and over 600 miles of established trails.  It is a magical place that has always struck a chord with me, even with it's sometimes brutal winter like conditions it still maintains an awe-inspiring beauty.  To see some other interesting facts about ONP, check out this link.

Hope you enjoyed by little short visual and factual tour of the Olympic Peninsula.  I hope it inspires you to get out and explore your local National Park or travel somewhere to visit a place of your dreams!