Oh, Hi - 10 on 10 - May 2014

I actually shot about ten "10 on 10s" this month.  It was just a matter of what I wanted to use.  Every since I got my X-E2, it doesn't leave my side.  That was never the case with my 5D and has opened up a whole new world of capturing photos for me.  Before I had it, I always spotted photos I wanted to take while roaming the streets, or just seeing random moments of light I wanted to capture, or anything I just felt the need to photograph.  The problem being I never had a real camera, sure I would usually bust out my iPhone and snap a photo but those were never what I wanted to share with the world on any level other than Instagram.

Now all those problems have been solved with my X-E2, which I am still loving and after about 3 months of using it.  I'm almost certain it is the best photography investment I've ever made.

With that said, I'm featuring a little overnighter trip to Ojai (hence the title) that my lovely lady let me join her on earlier this week.  It was nice to be out of LA for a minute, although I'm leaving on a Pacific Northwest roadtrip adventure here shortly which will cure all the desires to get out of the city routine for a bit.

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Some in camera double exposure action!

Ojai is such a gem of a place, actually a LOT like where I live in Topanga.  Super small town hippie vibe where everybody knows everybody and is really nice but with the main difference being the lush green vegetation and moist air.  They must get a lot more rain up there than we do down here (it actually rained a tiny bit while we were there), even though it's only an hour north.  And we were in this store called Summer Camp, the only people, when Jason Segal rolled in and bought all their pillows, like 10 of them.  And he's huge, like a sasquatch.

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