Nomads In LA

So a few years ago I started a set on my Flickr called "Nomads In LA" which is basically just a set of photos featuring random adventures around LA shooting random shit or just things I'm doing and happen to have my camera along, some might call it street photography.

Since I got my X-E2 that pretty much never leaves my shoulder I have started shooting a lot more street shit.  This camera is so much more discrete and captures the most aesthetically pleasing photos so instead of just keeping these photos hidden away in my hoard of stuff that I'll never post I'm going to start doing a weekly or bi-weekly blog post called, you guessed it, "Nomads In LA" that will feature the best of these photos or really just whatever I feel like sharing.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy experiencing these moments and capturing them and the people/places that are a part of them.